During the course of my life (boy, that sounds a bit pompous. Maybe I am. Pompous, that is. I firmly believe that I am. I'm not so sure that I believe you are, but I guess that's more of a philosophical question. I'm fairly happy as long as the counter on my main page increments when you load it.) I've presented a fair number of talks. Some of them relate to academic or technical topics, others are more general speeches or presentations.

I enjoy giving them, and fancy myself fairly good at it. On the other hand, I also like to write a speech and see someone else succeed with it. Back in high school I was involved in JCL, the Junior Classical League. At the annual Georgia convention we held elections for state office. During my junior year I was state parliamentarian, but knew that I was leaving for university and thus wasn't running for a higher office. On the other hand, my chemistry lab partner, Erin Burke (now White), was. So during lab one day we set about writing her speech. It was pretty good, and had a cliched punch line about a team needing a captain and so on and so forth. Needless to say, Erin won the election (although she probably would have won even with a crap speech, so I'm not claiming any credit. Well, much credit.). Two years later I was back at the convention, this time as a chaperone. One of the candidates, was Joslyn Diramio, a friend and protege, so to speak, of Erin. She was a charmer, and was well on her way to winning, even before the speeches. But since we were from the same school, and chaperones should be supportive, and I like politics at any level, I went to hear her speech. The funny thing was, I knew it! She gave the same exact speech that I had helped write two years earlier and that Erin had won an election with. I'm sure not many people noticed, but I was a bit bemused. And a tad flattered.

In any case, here are a few of the talks I have online. Unfortunately, I don't have that twice successful JCL election speech.

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