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That's suitably alliterative. Or is it consonance that it exhibits? How does one make an adjective out of consonance (and am I spelling consonance correctly?). If you find this the least bit interesting, let me know.

The articles below are on various subjects. Most of them were written for the Tulane Hullabaloo, the student newspaper at Tulane, my undergraduate alma mater. I occasionally wrote editorials that were published, and you may find one or two at the above site. The year would be 1996.

Other writings were composed in odd moments, to release certain emotions, or just because I felt like writing. They also have some travel accounts. Some of my academic papers are also on this site.

No claims are made about the literary merit of the writing below. A few of the essays might have been htmlized from draft version and I don't usually check my off the cuff writing for spelling so there are probably a few spello's. I'll make the changes, but finding errors is left as an exercise to the reader. If you do find erros, or just want to comment, please do so.

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Last modified: 18 April 1999