Mostafa's Missed Adventure

by Ben Kleinman

March 1998


When Mostafa, one of my flatmates in my second year in Edinburgh, went on vacation, he left a note on his door. You can see a bigger image if you click on this thumbnail, but it basically had a photo of him over a banner reading "Mostafa The Great" and some bulletin-like text:

The Gang Commander
The Gang Members
Guys, I know that you will miss me. I promise I will be back on the 18th at 22:00. I know you gonna enjoy my leave. Please don't do anything that I would not do.

When he returned, he found out that he had missed out on quite an adventure.

Chief, a gang from upstairs invaded. They took us by surprise and Marcus took a knife wound before Sundram led an inspired counter attack -- climbing from his room to the balcony and through the sitting room. We met up in front of the kitchen, which I was defending with a knife and a baking tray, and battled towards the door. After rescuing Marcus, who had head-butted his guard and found architectural flaws in the prison, the three of us, trailing blood, climbed the stairs and attacked the evil at its source.

Unfortunately, we were beaten back and I slipped in a puddle of blood -- injuring myself and staining my trousers. But then, praise the heavens, the help you and Joseph sent in finally arrived. Egyptian and Israeli bombers, in a joint action, destroyed the upper floors (which have since been rebuilt). At the same time, a team of Greek and Turkish commandos eliminated the rival gang's computer setup in the basement.

Together, we all dined on yogurt and falafel.

How was your holiday?

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