Some General Computer Links

These links are here, for the most part, because I find them useful or think the typical visitor (my family and friends) will find them useful (or even interesting). For a better indication of the sites I've visited (actually, it's more of a compendium of all the sites I've ever visited and found vaguely valuable, minus those whose URL rolls off my finers) you can have a look at all my links.

This page is going to be split up into the big three, hardware links, software links, and other relevent links.

Quick Reference

The Big Kahoonas

The Big Kahoonas

It's tough to determine a label for IBM becuase it's such a huge corporation. If you dig deep enough you can find links to software ranging from Lotus products to OS/2 to developement software to some really neat internet stuff. Hardware products include mice, monitors, Thinkpads, PC's, mainframes, and supercomputers. They've even got informational pages like this magazine about viruses.

Another biggie is Microsoft. Although no one would argue with the statement that they are predominently a software company, they are a rather large one. And they do make mice, keyboards, and joysticks. And have a burgeoning list of specifications for things ranging from PC hardware protocols to network communication protocols. So there's an awful lot on their site. (Which is not the same as saying that they themselves are an awful lot. Which they may be.) They do have one product that I really like (Windows NT) and another that I use often (Visual C++).

Sun is a much bigger player in the UNIX market than they are in the world that most home PC owners inhabit. However, they qualify as a major because along with their hardware (which may or may not be that great but is in almost every univeristy (at least in the US and the UK) they are the inventors and maintainers of the Java programming language. So they've got hardware, they've got a programming language (actually, they have several), and they have some nifty software to integrate all of it. Unless Microsoft swallows them whole (or usurps their ideas) then they'll be making money for a while.

Your computer is probably relying on a chip made by Intel. They dominate the processor market and are leveraging that dominance to enter and succeed in various other arenas. So don't be too surprise (as if you would) if your network card, graphics card, motherboard, video conferencing software, and internet phone are all made by Intel.

Hardware Links

They made the computer I now use and I'm pretty happy with it. Big plus on the site -- on line configurator that lets you add and remove features and gives you a price quote.

Gateway 2000
Makers of my last computer and one that I had a bit of trouble with. Like Dell, they have an online price quoting system.

I've never used one of these but have heard great things about them. The default systems come loaded with memory and seem to be a good value for a powerful system. Once more, they have an online pricing system.

Packard Bell
These folks went through some bad press in the past but they make computers that some people have reported good things about and a heck of a lot of people use. Not always the most potent of puters, Pack Bell (not to be confused with Pac Bell (Pacific Bell)) makes them cheap.

Now the number one PC company in the world, have a look and see if you can figure out why.

Software Links

Bought out by IBM, they now focus on their office suite (Lotus SmartSuite) and their message/groupware program called Lotus Notes. Their 'merger' seems to have been a success.

Not now a well known name in the US, this is a multinational software company that is developing some very interesting software ranging from ML and LISP development environments to software that helps automate the taking of police depositons to a web page creation program.

Red Hat Software
They provided the Linux installation that I purchased and have become known as the premier supplier of Linux. They also do some development for the OS.

Stardock Software
Origingally an OS/2 consulting company, they now create fine games, utilities, and productivity tools for OS/2 and Win32.

This is an archive in Germany that aims to Link Everything Online. It's got mirrors of lots of popular sites (very convenient for people in Europe) and is the home to a fair amount of software. Give it a look if you want some shareware, freeware, or even just information.

Another software archive, this one based in the states. They're pretty darn popular, so one of the first things you may want to do is read the file with a list of mirrors and find one a bit closer to you. For example, here's one in the UK.

CNET Shareware.Com
This is a big old search engine. You need software? Chances are pretty good that if it's on the net this baby'll find it.

Ghostscript and Ghostview
Free software that will allow you to view PostScript (.ps) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.

Other Useful Links

PC Week
The online version of the venerable pulp magazine. Lot's of current news and useful information

CNET News.Com
More comprehensive than PC Week in terms of news coverage, although there's less other information. CNET Central has A LOT of useful information and links.

Byte Magazine
One that I actually subscribe to because of their excellent coverage of computing in general and not just one or two platforms in particular. The entire text of the magazine is not, as far as I know, online. However, a good amount is.

More research oriented, this provides a front end to a massive bibliography of computer science papers, many of which are available online.

Another repository for online papers.

Infoworld Online
Interesting and timely articles, interviews, and opinion columns.

Yahoo Computers
An excellent place to start if you need to find a web page having to do with computer. For other search engines see my bookmarks.

Last modified: Saturday, 4 April 1998