Friends On The Web

Now, this isn't an inclusive list of my friends, so no snide remarks about it's size. But, if you want to be on here and have a web site, drop me a line and if you're friendly, you're in! Ain't life grand? Plus, I suppose it's only right to mention that there are references to many people scattered liberally around my site, and there are photos of many of them in various other categories. So browse around! You never know who you might see.

Andrew Arana
We went to Pope together for a few years, had a few classes together, and were involved in a few of the same clubs. We've kept in touch regularly but not too frequently, but he's the kind of guy that I'd always want to be able to get in contact with.

Amber Baum
She's a long lost friend from elementary school and kindergarten. Now a long-distance email pal.

Mark Bray
Another brilliant soul. I hate to overuse it, but the word seems to apply to a lot of my friends. In any case, this guy has changed a heck of a lot from the quiet introvert I barely knew as a freshman at Tulane to an egrarious stud muffin (but still religious) now at Vandy.

Alexis Cohen
We met when she came up to do a semester in Edinburgh and it turned out that our grandparents knew each other.

Amy McDonald
We were both at Tulane and had a few classes together. Altogether brilliant and quite a lot of fun. She jumped from her PhD program at Stanford in order to earn some dosh.

Chrys Rowe
I worked with him for two summers at Reuters and put up with him dating one of my roommates last summer.

Rachel Silverman
We worked together last summer and became quite good friends. She had a rather interesting senior project and, last I heard, was working for a web design company.

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