alywin and erika's invitation

The Wedding of Alywin and Erika

26 March, 1999

Alywin Fruge and Erika Engelhaupt were married in New Orleans, at the Audobon Zoo. In many ways the location was fitting, and we were all a bit confused when we heard James making monkey noises like he had freshman year. After all, he was a groomsman and a Harvard PhD student -- we expected better. But there they were again, prolonged hooting and shouting. But then again, there was James, engaged in polite (and clearly sapiens sapiens) conversation. That's the only problem with the zoo: there are animals there!

Setting the tradition for weddings to come, the Tulane gang continued the festivities in the French Quarter and met up the next morning for a bit of Sunday brunch at Copelands. To recover from the champagne (and the night before), we spent Sunday afternoon at the levy in the company of some Abita, frisbee, and food. By this time, Erika and Alywin were well on their way to honeymoon land. So we were free to share "little baby alywin" stories without fear of reprisal. And all was good.

There are photos of the wedding weekend on the Zemurray Photo Page.

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