michelle and colin's invitation

Colin and Michelle's Wedding

2 October, 1999

Michelle and Colin started dating in 1993, the year after we all lived together in Zemurray. Each was on the sought after side the year before, and it only seemed right that they should be going out. A few years down the line, poof, the above invitation shows up in the mail. Who would have guessed?

No matter how many were expecting it, loads of people made it to the wedding festivities. Family from Alabama, New Orleans, and Honduras, as well as friends from all over the states (we Zeumrrians scatter pretty well) popped in for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. Michelle and Colin were married in the Zemurray Gardens at New Orleans City Park. Rather appropriate location, no? As at Alywin and Erika's wedding, we managed to squeeze a few trips to the French Quarter and an afternoon at the levy into the celebration.

There are photos of the wedding weekend on the Zemurray Photo Page.

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